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Angel Talk: Great Joy!

Angel Talk: Great Joy!

Dec 05, 2021

Passage: Nehemiah 8:9-12, Luke 2:8-14

Preacher: Rev. J. Robert Bannan, Jr.

Series: Angel Talk

Category: Advent


We continue in our series this Sunday called "Angel Talk" in which we focus on the words of the angels spoken to the shepherds in the field, according to Luke. Last week we focused on the story of "Good News" that we look forward to this Advent season. This week, we will focus on "Great Joy." Joy is often a misunderstood word, especially spiritual joy. We often confuse joy with mere happiness, but what I hope we will come away with this Sunday is the joy promised from the story of Christmas is much bigger than simply being happy. Blessings, Robert


KPC Worship Service 2021-12-05